In the Czech Republic, there is a strong tradition in pet care with further expected growth. The number of pets in the Czech Republic is above the EU average: 41% of households keep a dog (vs 25% EU), 21% a cat (vs 24% EU). The number of pets is still growing and this corresponds to an increase in feed costs of up to 6 +% per year. The forecasts for the next few years assume that the global market for pet products and services will grow by about 5% per year.

In the Czech Republic, on the other hand, the number of veterinarians is slightly below the European average – a total of 4,500 physicians (0.42 per 1,000 inhabitants vs. 0.43 Western Europe). Their number has not changed in recent years and significant growth cannot be expected in the future. Veterinarians are already overwhelmed due to the large number of patients. For practice owners and chief physicians, administrative activities also contribute to the overload – clinic management, human resources management, financial management and more.

Sources: FEDIAF European Facts & Figures; consumer panel GfK Czech, MAT 5/2020; KVL Czech Republic, 2020