Dušan Moskaliev became a founding partner of First Veterinary Fund Central Europe SICAV a.s. In order to fully address this new challenge, Dušan ended his four-year tenure as a partner at ZDR Investments at the end of 2021, where he was responsible for the fund’s financial management, client relations and fund distribution. He previously worked at Vereinsbank, Deutsche Bank, in senior positions at Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich and on the board of directors of a savings cooperative.

Dušan formed a tandem with Richard Švejda and co-founded the First Veterinary Fund Central Europe SICAV a.s. In this new fund, Dušan will focus on financial management, fund distribution and investor relations. Dušan brings the experience in managing investment funds and their distribution. He has been working in finance for over twenty years and during that time he has managed to build the position of a respected and trustworthy professional with investors, colleagues and institutions.

“Richard and I complement each other perfectly, we each have extensive experience in a different area of ​​business and together we form a top team. I see huge potential in veterinary care. For the investor, this field represents an interesting return in a steadily growing industry. It is a great alternative investment for portfolio diversification.”, Dušan comments.

6 January 2022